Welcome To My Closet

Truth be told, you’re about to get a tour of more than just my closet. I store my shoes almost anywhere I can. The majority of them can be found in my closet, in our hall closet, and under my bed. I like shoes… A LOT.


Let’s start with my tennis shoes. I’ve got my everyday gray and pink Adidas tennis shoes that are perfect for walking to class. Secondly, I’ve got my trusty, blue and purple, Hoka running shoes. We have a love-hate relationship; I hate working out, but I love these comfy shoes! Then, I have my “fun” Adidas tennis shoes. These neon colored shoes are definitely a statement piece. Lastly, I have three  or so pairs of older Nike tennis shoes, retired from years past, shoved under my bed, just “in case I ever need them”. I might be a slight shoe hoarder.

For some good tennis shoe options, look at these sites!  Adidas     Hoka       Nike


I’m a sucker for easy, slip-on shoes, so you can bet that I have my fair share. Right now, my favorites are Steve Madden, suede, slip-ons, and since I love them so much, I obviously had to buy them in two colors. I have them in gray and light brown. If these were the only two pairs of shoes I owed, I’d survive because they basically go with everything. Steve Madden offers so many different styles of these shoes, check them out!

Another pair of slip-on shoes I love are my Birkenstocks. I’m a newer fan of these, but once putting a pair of these on, I was hooked. One day I hated these shoes, and the next I was the proud owner of two pairs! One pair of my Birkenstocks are flashy and reflective, while the other pair is much sportier and sleek looking, all black with a white sole. Birkenstock has tons of different styles, so check them out!


Every girl has her fair share of wedges and heels. If I were to specifically name each pair of shoes that fall under this category that I own, you’d be reading well into next year, so I’ll sum it up with a few of my favorites. If you don’t own Bed Stu shoes, you’re missing out! I have two pairs of Bed Stu heels and they may be my favorite. One pair is a light brown wedge that has a stitched look on the foot, and the other is a dark brown, strappy heel. Both go great with everything! My favorite pair of black heels are a Sam Edelman, suede, tie-up pair. These are the final touch to every cocktail dress. OTBT’s are my everyday go-to wedge. I have a strappy, gold pair and a black, leather slip-on pair that literally go with EVERYTHING. These are by far the MOST comfortable wedges known to man.

Here are a few websites that offer great wedges and heels! Bed Stu                 Sam Edelman      OTBT


Boots are a lot like wedges in the fact that you can NEVER have too many! I love all kinds of boots; tall boots, booties, riding boots, over-the-knee boots, I can’t get enough. With colder weather approaching, I’m excited to bring out my over-the-knee boots. I have two pairs, one brown and one black. My brown, suede, over-the-knee boots are designed by Franco Sarto. My black over-the-knee boots are Stuart Weitzman, suede, wedge boots. With these two pairs of boots, I’m set for winter. I have a variety of tall boots and riding boots, majority of them being some shade of brown. I love these because they are so easy to throw on with leggings and a sweater and still look presentable! Booties are an obsession. There are so many options and I hate to admit I have to have them all. I have booties ranging from black, brown, hunter green, snakeskin, leather, suede, rubber, etc. I have everyday booties, rain booties and even slipper booties. I think you get the idea, I like booties.

A few websites to start building your boot collection are as follows: Stuart Weitzman         DSW       Old Navy               Zappos                    Macy’s


Sandals and flip-flops are staple shoe that no girl can live without. I love my Havaianas and Rainbow flip-flops. I’ve had both of these for years, and they’ve stood the test of time. I have two pairs of Havaianas. One pair is red with a Bohemian print, while the other is blue with a mermaid on them. My Rainbows are one of my favorite pair of shoes. I have the thin strap, dark brown pair and they are so comfortable! I love sandals because they are so easy to throw on with any outfit. My favorite pair, and probably the most logical pair of shoes I own, are my Tory Burch, patent, light brown sandals. I wear them ALL the time. They are so comfortable and because of their nude color, they go with everything.

Check out some of these flip-flop and sandal options: Havaianas                     Rainbow                Tory Burch


While this is not an exhaustive list of every pair of shoes I own, this is a good start and a glimpse into my closet. When I own my first house, I very well may designate one room to only shoes (I’ll apologize in advance to my future husband). What can I say, I just love shoes!!!