Favorite Places To Go In Auburn

Although Auburn may be a small town, there is a definitely not a lack of things to do. Auburn, Alabama, home to Auburn University, is best known for Auburn football, however I’m going to share with you some of the other must-sees and must-dos if you ever find yourself in Auburn.


Toomer’s Corner

Toomer’s Corner is a must when visiting Auburn, Alabama. Toomer’s is a quaint drugstore, where you can grab a delicious treat or Auburn merchandise. Toomer’s Corner has been an Auburn tradition since 1896, well known for their world famous fresh squeezed Toomer’s lemonade. After winning a sporting event, you can find the Toomer Oak Tree’s being rolled with toilet paper by all Auburn students, families, and alumni. If you want to learn more about the history of Toomer’s Corner, click here.


Samford Lawn

Samford Lawn is well-known for a place to grab a picnic lunch, take your dog, or just go for a stroll. It’s the heart of the University and home to the prettiest and oldest building Auburn University has. Often times, college organizations will hold meetings on Samford Lawn.


Big Blue Bagel

Big Blue Bagel is one of the most raved about breakfast places in Auburn. Being a local favorite, you are always guaranteed a long wait on the weekends. For lunch, it’s the perfect place to grab a sandwich before heading to Samford Lawn for a picnic. Big Blue Bagel does not stay open all day, so make sure you take a look at their hours before going.


Live Oaks

Live Oaks, a newer addition to Auburn’s quaint town, is one the hottest outdoor restaurant venues. Located on the corner of N. College Street and Glenn, Live Oaks is a must. The atmosphere is fun, friendly, and inviting. There is a full service outdoor and indoor bar, along with a great menu. Click here to see their unique and delicious menu.


The Hound

The Hound is another restaurant in Auburn famous for their brunch and pepper jelly. Their jalapeño pepper jelly is one of their best-selling appetizers, which is now sold by the jar. When going to The Hound make sure to plan ahead because there is usually a long wait due to exceptional food and service. You don’t want to miss out on this delectable menu.


Steel City Pops

Steel City Pops are gourmet, delicious popsicles that are very popular in Auburn. Since Alabama is so hot, even in December, Steel City Pops is a popular year-round destination. They offer many flavors – both fruity and creamy based, which are always changing daily.  Click here for Steel City Pop’s full menu.


Jordan-Hare Stadium

Jordan-Hare Stadium is the place to be every Saturday in the fall. There is no better feeling than watching the eagle fly over the field before every game and cheering on the Auburn Tigers. Auburn fans are very spirited and passionate when it comes to Tiger football. Our biggest rival, The University of Alabama, is also the last game of the season, which always falls on Thanksgiving weekend. War Eagle!


Chewacla State Park

If you love to hike and be outdoors, Chewacla State Park is the place for you! Chewacla offers miles and miles of trails, along with my favorite part, a beautiful waterfall. It’s the best place to be on a cool Saturday afternoon.


Momma Goldberg’s Deli

Momma Goldberg’s, better known as Momma G’s to locals, is an Alabama based company. It’s another famous sandwich shop, great for watching a football game while grabbing a pitcher of their handcrafted beer. Momma G’s is most famous for their nachos, which aren’t just any nachos. They are Doritos smothered in pepper-jack cheese topped with anything you desire. Take a look at the rest of their tasty menu.


Behind the Glass

Last but not least, everyone needs to do a little shopping while visiting Auburn. Although downtown Auburn offers various trendy, chic boutiques, the most popular is Behind the Glass. This store offers an outfit for every occasion. They also sell a variety of cute jewelry, accessories, and knickknacks. Their website showcases many of their fall fashion trends available now.


While this is only the beginning, this is more than enough to keep you busy for a weekend. Plan your road trip now to visit one of the best places in the world! War Eagle!