Letter to my Freshman Self

Hey Jord,

(That’s a new nickname you’re going to get during college that many of your friends will know you by.)


If you’re reading this, it means Mom, Dad, Jack, Aubrey, and the rest of the family just left you alone at Auburn for freshman year. It’s the first time you’ve slowed down today, and I know how that makes you sad; but wow, what an exciting day it has been!

How exciting was today? You moved in, decorated your dorm room, met your new roommate Hannah, and went to a rush meeting. I know you’re very overwhelmed right now, but just relax. I also know you’re extremely nervous for the first day of rush tomorrow, but seriously, don’t worry. Everything is going to work out EXACTLY like you have planned. You’ll have a great rush experience, and on bid day, you’ll run home to Chi Omega! Congratulations girl! Here’s a sneak peak of some of your future sorority sisters!

I know you’re expecting college to be completely different than high school, and in many ways, it will be. Looking back, I want to give you some of the best advice that I’ve learned over these four years to freshman Jordan.


Friends – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

You are going to meet some of the very best people during your college career, many of whom will turn into your best friends. These are the girls that you can call and count on no matter what. (P.S. – You’ve already met one of them!) However, with that comes some girls who you may eventually have to cut ties with. Just because rooming situations don’t work out like you hoped, don’t let that get to you. In the end, you’re going to end up being better friends with some people when you don’t live with them. Overall, the friend group and memories you are going to form during your college career are going to be irreplaceable. Get ready!


Boys, Date Parties, and Everything In Between

Boys – UGH. Just kidding, I want to keep you on your toes. But, you’ll have to see how that one is going to play out.

Date Parties – I know you are so excited for these! Don’t get too upset if you don’t get asked to every single party during college career. I promise you, it’s going to be okay. By senior year, you won’t even care about going to these parties.

Everything in Between – Your soon to be “big sister” in your sorority is going to set you up for your first game-day date, so quit sweating that. Little do you know, you and he will end up being great friends and neighbors for three years. It’s weird how that works out!



Just because you don’t live with your mom anymore doesn’t mean anything. You will call her 77 times a day and 99 percent of the time, she’ll answer. When she doesn’t, you’ll learn to call Dad or Nanny, until they get tired of you too. Mom is still always going to be your biggest fan and confidant. Being away from home during college can be scary, but the distance is going to make you that much closer to everyone in your family. Jack and Aubrey will soon become two of your very best friends. Also, quit worrying! You’re never really going to get homesick. You’re going to kill this whole being away at college thing.


In-State Tuition (A.K.A. Dad’s Contract)

I know you’re worried about the contract you signed with dad about your college career, but STOP!!! It seems like so much work on paper and it’s not going to be easy. However, you are going to make it through and be a better person because of it. This is going to be the greatest sacrifice you’ve made this far in your life. I promise, you won’t regret your decision for a single second. Auburn is going to be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Don’t let dad stress you out about a job. You’re going to get one during freshman year working at a cute boutique in the mall, and you’re going to complete all the requirements. (This will be the happiest day of dad’s life!) Here’s the check list of requirements you can mark off as you go. You’re going to love working at the boutique during your college career, and you’re going to be a perfect fit for the company. Although you’re only going to keep that job for a semester, the next job you earn will continue even after you qualify for in-state tuition.

Working is not only going to teach you responsibility, but the relationships you are going to form with co-workers and bosses are going to be priceless to you.


Your Future *cue screaming*

Don’t worry that you are still undeclared late in your college career. You’re going to change your major a few times, but you’ll figure it out! Now, I’m not going to tell you this will be an easy task. You take everything to heart. Just try to follow your instincts, and pray about it. By Christmas of sophomore year, with the help of close friends, you’re going to know exactly what you want your major to be. Plus, you are going to excel at it.


I know this is a lot to take in, but have faith that your college career is all going to work out exactly like it’s meant to. Also, Jordan, just because everything may not be identical to YOUR plan freshman year, know that God’s plans are SO much greater. When things get tough, have faith. You will soon know what He has in store for you during your college career.

Now, get to sleep girl. You’ve got a long day of Ice Water Tea parties tomorrow, and you’re going to need your rest.