Fall Fashion Must-Haves

The cold, crisp, fall weather is finally here and I couldn’t be happier! I live for fall weather, big sweaters, bonfires, and hot chocolate. Although fall brings all these great things, it also brings the best clothing options. Stay fashionable with all the latest trends by following these tips!


Leather Anything and Everything

Anything and everything leather is in this season, especially black. The options are endless when it comes to leather, whether it be shorts, skirts, or jackets.

Black leather shorts are a must, paired with big, bulky sweaters, and some cute black booties.

This is a great look for a day out on the town, whether you’re shopping or having a lunch date. Black is always flattering, therefore spice it up by adding leather. Click here to see all the different styles of leather shorts.

Leather skirts are such a hit. They come in so many different colors and styles. Leather skirts can be dressed up or dressed down. Pairing a leather skirt with some over-the-knee boots makes a great combination for a night out. This leather skirt offers an edgy look.

Leather jackets are a staple for this season. They are great, because once again, they come in many different colors and styles. Stores offer a great variety of leather jackets – both edgy and conservative. Leather jackets are easy throw on jackets, whether it be with jeans, skirts, dresses, or shorts. This inexpensive leather jacket comes in four different colors and is a great asset to your closet.


Boots, Boots, and More Boots!

Spoken from a true shoe hoarder, you can NEVER have too many shoes. Boots, of course, are no exception. There are so many styles available now that it makes shopping even more fun. A few of my favorite styles of boots are short booties and over-the-knee boots. While that is only two categories, the styles and varieties are endless.

Booties are an absolute must-have this fall. There are so many options of booties. Open-toe booties are the latest must-have. They look great paired with pretty much anything and give outfits that edgy feeling that the outfit may be lacking. Open-toe booties can be found in both leather and suede. Personally, my favorite this season is open-toed suede booties. Check out this great option, offered in three colors!

Closed-toe booties are a key piece to have in your closet. They are cute, while still being conservative. Another great factor of closed-toe booties, they hide your toes when you haven’t gotten around to getting that much-needed pedicure! Here are some inexpensive options to stock your closet.

Over-the-knee boots are so sleek and definitely an essential. You can dress them up or dress them down. Depending on the occasion, over-the-knee boots are the essential piece your outfit needs to stand out. Designer Show Warehouse has so many options – both colors and styles.


Leggings – Also Known as The Best Invention

What girl doesn’t love leggings?! That’s right, everyone does! Thankfully for us, leggings are now being designed to look like jeans. Thank goodness because leggings are truly the best invention for the fall and winter seasons.

Wearing casual, sport leggings has been a trend for a few years now. Pairing leggings with an over-sized t-shirt is very popular when grabbing a coffee or running errands. American Eagle is a great place to start getting stocked up on basic leggings. To see some of your options, click here.

Designers are now starting to offer leggings that look like jeans! (AMEN) This option offers comfort, while still looking cute and trendy. Does it get any better? Everyone needs to run and grab some of these before they are all gone! If you don’t believe me, just take a look at how flattering these options are!



Jeans are the greatest piece of clothing because there is so much potential. Jeans can be nice or casual, depending on the color, style, and fit. A few of my favorite styles include ripped jeans, flare jeans, and boyfriend jeans.

I think ripped, skinny jeans may be my favorite. They are edgy, yet flattering and tasteful. The color options are endless and they look great paired with your favorite pair of heels or wedges. This is just the start of the options you have with this style of jean.

Flare jeans are all the rave. They complement everyone’s legs and look great with a pair of closed-toe booties. How perfect are these?!

Boyfriend jeans are a newer trend, but still a great option. They are a baggier style, but still very flattering, if worn correctly. Boyfriend jeans paired with a cute graphic t-shirt guarantees you some second looks. Check these out.



Sweaters are essential during the fall! They can literally be paired with anything and add texture and style to your outfit. Sweaters are great for layer over a tunic or even a dress. One of the greatest characteristics of sweaters is that they come in tons of different styles – cardigans, bulky, light, cowl-neck, or even turtle neck. The options are endless. When the weather gets chilly, sweaters are so easy to throw on, while still looking fashionable. This website offers reasonably priced sweaters to fill up your closet.


Although this is only the beginning of the must-haves this fall, this is definitely a good start to get your closet ready for this weather!